In-room massage performed by a therapist, available for Superior Suite, Master Suite and Junior Suite rooms. It is a service provided by an external therapist, so the reservation must be made 1 day in advance.


Age: Our clients must be over 18 years old, those under 18 years old can receive therapy as long as they are accompanied by an adult.

Valuables: We recommend not wearing jewelry, watches, etc. Have cell phones and other electronic devices in total silence for your benefit and the session.

Comfort: If you have doubts or questions before or during your session, we suggest you contact your therapist, since if you DO NOT do so, we understand that the service is to your complete satisfaction.

Safety and professionalism: All therapists are qualified and certified professionals to provide these services, you will be treated with property and respect, for which we ask for reciprocity towards the therapists.

All our prices are expressed in US dollars and are subject to change without prior notice and we only accept cash.

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